Reasons to Advertise on Jumbletube in 2016

Author : Jumbletube

Posted : 15/01/2016 12:13:43

  1. Jumbletube is a totally free way to advertise your products online.
  2. Video selling is set to rocket in 2016! In 2015, 400 hours of video’s were being uploaded to Youtube every minute and Facebook saw 8 billion video views every day.
  3. Brand new site! We are eagerly anticipating a complete site makeover for 2016, our marketing team have completely overhauled the site to make for a better customer experience, and to get users looking at your products.
  4. A mobile app! Jumbletube are releasing a brand new app in 2016 available for both iOS and android.
  5. We advertise your products on our social media channels. We understand the increased importance of social media in 2016; this is why we advertise your products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to name a few.
  6. SEO on your products. 48% of customers journeys start on search engines, with this in mind, the Jumbletube marketing team are constantly hard at work trying to increase the Search Ranking of your products.
  7. Our demographic is almost equally split across all age groups, meaning we almost certainly have your target audience on the Jumbletube site.
  8. This year Jumbletube are developing a seller portal, enabling you to be able to see analytics on how your products are doing and gain insights on your customers.
  9. Jumbletube have a large mailing list and are able to provide their customers with personalised and helpful suggestions, this could include your products.