Jumbletube Moments

Author : Jumbletube

Posted : 09/03/2016 13:15:53

Situations when Jumbletube is the perfect solution. Jumbletube moments are for those times when you’ve overused or underused. For when you’ve had a clearout and found a goldmine of unloved possessions. Old or new, your belongings can become someone else’s… for a donation to your own piggy bank of course.
Old CDs collecting dust? Jumbletube moment. Rockstar guitar left in the past? Jumbletube moment. Old car that’s been shunned to the garage? Jumbletube moment. ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Those old CDs could be a father’s educational tool about the ‘proper’ music of his youth. That old guitar can be the first in the hands of the newest rock chick. That old car will be treasured by the young lad who’s just passed his test. The list is never-ending.
It’s all well and good using Jumbletube as a selling platform but let’s not forget you can buy as well. Everything from electronics to fashion, video games and consoles to motors, even a pair of jumping stilts!
There’s everything you need and anything you want. Three simple steps to selling success. Record. Upload. Sell.