You Do The Maths

Author : Jumbletube

Posted : 09/03/2016 11:24:40

A one minute video is worth 1.8 million words according to James McQuivey of Forrester research. The power of a video has never been quantified quite so appropriately. Every pixel paints a picture that words can only describe.
This is what Jumbletube is taking advantage of. 60% of visitors watch videos before reading text on the same webpage. When reading the description or looking at a picture of a product you’ll never really know what it’s like to use. A picture of a jet washer will show you what a jet washer looks like but I think you knew that already. Take a video of that same product in action and you’ll know the power it possesses, how easy it is to use, the battery life, everything you need to know about a product of that nature.
96% of all consumers find videos are more helpful when making purchase decisions. It’s obvious really. Zooming in and zooming out on a picture is nothing compared to the ability to circumnavigate the product, allowing 360 degrees of full understanding of the product’s capabilities.
75% more videos are shared by Facebook users than compared to 2014, it’s clear that video engages audiences in a way an image never could. This also highlights the fascination of social media in relation to video selling. A 75% jump in only two years portrays the sheer power of social media and its obsession with moving image is key to the potential of video selling. It’s social media and video selling that is the way forward in the commercial world. A picture paints a thousand words, a video moves a thousand pictures. You do the maths.