What 2015 has taught us

Author : Jumbletube

Posted : 07/03/2016 09:48:51

2015 has been a busy year for all of us here at Jumbletube and we take a look what we have learnt over the past 12 months.


2015 was the year where the amount of Mobile internet users exceeded the amount of Desktop users, and this is set to rocket even further in 2016. This is why at Jumbletube we are excited to bring you a brand new mobile app, a completely free revolutionary way to sell online.

Social Media

Instagram is one of the largest growing social networks of 2015, here at Jumbletube we are always sharing products with our instagram followers. As an innovative business we will continue to showcase products across our social media channels.

Internet Users

In 2015 the amount of internet users in the world exceeded 3 billion, with all these people online Jumbletube are reaching out to more and more users every minute. Jumbletube offers many benefits to its sellers; Jumble has a multi channel platform reaching a wide variety of potential buyers.